7 Aspect is a brand specialised in broadcast / film hire. We are committed to playing our part in making our clients' productions the best they can be, no matter how large or small. We have helped to facilitate a wide variety of shoots spanning Broadcast, Commercial, and Film.

We Got The Tools

We have the tools for a full-blown production, be it a movie, advert, promo, profile, or series. If you can imagine it, we can help create it with the right tools.

Certified Experience

Our team is made up of some of the finest in the industry who have honed in on their talent over the years and build great experience in doing this. Your project would have some of the best and experienced talents working on your behalf.

Competitive Pricing

We understand why it is important to work within a budget. We give the best value for your money hence within the industry you would find us to be very competitive without sacrificing quality.

Rental Of Equipments

Sometimes we understand that you need just the equipment to finish your project, your way. In such instances, we provide hiring services at affordable rates compared to industry standards.

Support For Charities

We take delight in being able to provide services at reduced cost for charities and churches. We know that sometimes they desire to have the best of work and yet have limitations with budget, so we are happy to engage with them to have a discussion on what is possible.

Agency With More Creative Professionals

We have a wide network of creatives that continue to support and work within projects that we do. We can connect them to our clients upon request; including website designers, mobile app developers, and artwork professionals.

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