Film Production

Ever since the advent of moving pictures, it has been undergoing constant change and now in the 21st century, film production is completely different as compared to when it first came into being. Movies have been a binding force for people and bring people of all races and cultures together.

We only spend an hour or two watching a movie but there is a lot of work that goes into it behind the scene and companies like our try to make the process as seamless and as rewarding as possible for all the parties involves.

The Script

The script is an irreplaceable part of the production; without a script, the movie cannot be made. The script does not only include the dialogue but also narrates the movement, actions, and expressions of the actors.


During the pre-production stage, the script is finalized, cast and crew is hired, and the search for shooting locations begins. It also includes designing a shooting schedule that suits the entire team amongst other things.


The production part refers to the actual filming. You hire a script supervisor to check if the script is being followed. Plus, another person in charge oversees and manages all the props and costumes. All camera work and shooting are included in the production.


This part heavily focuses on the editing of the movie. The film is pieced together to create coherence since not all the scenes are shot chronologically. The editor adds visual effects and sound as well as music. Various elements are combined to give rise to the ultimate movie experience.

All these steps require a delicate touch, vision, and extreme patience since you need to redo a lot of the parts until you get them perfect. This is why hiring 7 Aspects will give you an edge over others because we have had years of professional experience in the industry. We have skilled producers and directors that see your vision and help you manifest it.

Corporate Video Production

Bring new customers to your business instantly!

Taking the time out to shoot a video for your company will help give it the boost it has always needed but never got. Humans are visual creatures and they are attracted to things they can relate to and see; in this way, shooting a video will help them visualize your products in their own hands. Even if you are a service-based business, a corporate video will help the customers see you as human rather than a business. You can share your story with them making a personal and long-lasting connection.

The way a video is shot will decide its viewer demographic and can instantly change the way people look at you and your brand. Through the years, 7 Aspects has produced some of the best corporate films and we have continued to excel even with fast-paced changes taking place within the industry.

Social Media Video Production

Bring your brand the engagement it needs!

Similar to corporate videos, it is easier to connect to your followers through videos on social media. As a visual medium, it stimulates the senses, making it easier to consume and thus reaches a larger demographic. You create a connection with your clients and communicate your values and motivations. Videos can also attract more customers and generate excitement by exemplifying your products or your brand. The audience is the most important aspect of any business and if social media videos can advance your business further, why not make the decision to make one?

The producers, writers, and directors at 7 Aspects are not only professional but extremely talented at what they do. We can help you create a video that suits you, your brand image, and brings you the engagement you desire.

Product Video Production

Explain how your product functions in seconds!

Product videos, or product explanation videos, demonstrate the advantages of a product and how to use it if the customer decides to buy it. Product videos are more likely to convince a customer to buy a product and more information is retained about the product through these visual and auditory channels as compared to others. For the last decade, businesses have slowly shifted online and the shopping experience has also been replaced with online or e-shopping. Unlike traditional stores, you cannot actually talk to the customers or explain to them what products will suit them or how to utilize your product online; this personalization convinces people to buy your products.

Now, the product video serves as a selling pitch to the customers and as a stand-in for the actual salesperson. This video communicates with the customers for you letting you make up for the fact that you don’t sell your products in stores. Through our experience, we at 7 Aspects know exactly what the customers want and how to give them the information they need without making it feel like an infomercial. Our talented writers and producers will help you put together the best videos that highlight and showcase your products.

Live Event Video Production

Live event videos are basically streams of live events that are being captured on camera. These live events can be a nomination or graduation or any other special moment you desire. You send our best workers to capture these beautiful moments of your life so that when you go back and watch them, you are able to feel the same excitement that you felt that day and you are left feeling nostalgic.
You try to capture the true essence of your event and give it to you as a memory frozen in time. Many of us don’t realize how special some moments are until years later, you look back at those memories with extreme fondness. We aim to preserve these memories for you and our team will capture your best and that will stay with you forever.

They say you make memories when you are young and relive them when you are old. With the help of our talented workers, we at 7 Aspects aim to provide you the perfect opportunity to relive your best moments when you are no longer capable of making new ones.

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